Plan your routes down to the second with BBA Mastro’s highly sophisticated set of algorithms which are suited for a wide range of routes, from milk runs and reverse logistics to on-demand couriers - or combinations of all.


Utilise BBA Mastro’s highly intelligent profiling tool to give the right carrier or driver the most relevant profiled freight based on size of delivery, size of fleet options, and geographical and route selections.

Our platform’s inbuilt redundancy capability ensures a seamless and consolidated workflow that enhances the customer experience.


BBA Mastro’s Route Management features include:

  • Live ETA’s
  • Bi-directional SMS capability along with instant mobile application notifications
  • BYO mobile via the Google Play and Apple AppStore (otherwise work with enterprise hardware solutions available with leading hardware providers for rugged ongoing usage)
  • Android and iOS compatibility for real-time Proof of Delivery (POD) with optional pictures
  • GPS capability – know where your drivers are every step of the way
  • Kilometer’s and mile-based charging presented via the API multi-carrier dispatch dashboard
  • Customised and two-way SMS notifications for easy communications with customers and drivers
  • Hotspot mapping
  • Geofencing
  • Driver and geographic zone allocations

You can also:

Profile your partner carriers with selected packaging sizes and logic.

Display your fleet and carrier services via any 3rd party workflow such as Magento or Woo Commerce modules.