With BBA Mastro, arrive on-time and stress-free to exceed customer expectations. Utilise BBA Mastro’s cutting-edge technology and its multitude of fantastic features:

Manage all aspects of your fleet: drivers, vehicle types, and trailers.

Work with any vehicle type from bicycles and scooters to large heavy haulage.

Simultaneously consider fleet resource capabilities while optimising contracted rates.

Measure and control financial performance with costing, payables, billables, cost accruals, and dispute management.

Factor redundancy overflows to ensure your customer service and deliveries are always sorted.

Understand driver performance with highly advanced analytics and machine learning predictive analysis capability.

Use the Simple Master Controller interface for full visibility across the network with full overriding and decision-making capabilities.

Display and pass data via BBA Mastro’s advanced set of APIs’ for accurate quoting, booking, and tracking.

Implement km-based charging with inbuilt margin analysis and additional surcharge allowances.

Improve last mile delivery capabilities and deliver on-time with reliable and realistic plans that account for time-windows, traffic patterns, and last-minute requests.

Receive alerts with real-time updates synced to the office that report arrival and departure times.

Keep drivers organised by providing detailed notes, instructions, and updated requests via iOS and Android mobile applications.

Focus on customer service and exceed expectations with accurate arrivals and data-driven plans with BBA Mastro’s AI and Machine Learning capabilities.