Proactivity: Customer Satisfaction Sorted

“BBA Mastro have allowed me to expand into new markets, as well as saving me money compared to my current service provider. I strongly recommend BBA Mastro to anyone wanting to save time and money on freight.” 

  – Jeremy Djurovich, Managing Director at Proactivity


The Client

The Proactivity team facilitates and manages a wide range of major events, particularly those designed for children. These projects can involve anything from supplying a jumping castle to hiring a soccer field. The fact that these are typically one-off events creates a tricky logistical situation. Naturally, needing to have supplies delivered just before an event makes business difficult. If items arrive too early, they become a storage nightmare; but if they arrive too late, an event can be completely ruined. Until recently, this factor forced Proactivity to restrict their services to local events only.


The Situation

With a focus on combining fitness with fun, Proactivity is a team of professional sports coaches based in Melbourne. Since its establishment in 2007, Proactivity has delivered phenomenal physical education programs and sport-based activities to numerous schools, out-of-school hours care centres, clubs, and other groups.


The Solution

Everything changed when Proactivity’s Managing Director, Jeremy Djurovich, turned to BBA Mastro. By implementing our breakbulk shipping technology, we were able to transform the company’s logistics process. Our team quickly evaluated the situation, identified the issues being faced, and created a tailored solution to help Proactivity overcome its unique hurdles.


The Results

With our software in place, shipping supplies for each of Proactivity’s events are now up to 23% more cost-effective and up to four times more efficient than it was before. Most significantly for Proactivity, the solution developed and customised by BBA Mastro has enabled them to expand their market, acquire customers in new locations, and continue to grow their business.