BBA Mastro’s Carrier and Margin Management modules are a highly comprehensive set of functions that put control back in the hands of the reseller. Our system’s versatile, flexible, and dynamic and innovative capabilities allow you to:

Immediately on-board multinational customers with various users across multi-geographical locations

Assign rates to various margins by postcode, company, and user

Import rate, zone and postcode data via CSV

Call 3rd party API’s

Self-service client management and permissions with inbuilt security


Margin Management

Do you have customers who have special requirements catered to selected geographical or service type requirements? Do you want to tailor margins across a wide variety of variables such as carrier, service and postcode ranges? BBA Mastro’s highly versatile Margins Module has you covered:

Provision for 3rd party reseller
cost breakdowns.

Fuel levy and other key variables updated across multiple customers within minutes.

Assign margins across hundreds or thousands of customers within seconds.

BBA Mastro’s Client, Carrier and Margins tools also work and synchronize with any CRM and onboarding tools. Ensure customers are satisfied and pricing is tailored to your client’s individual needs with BBA Mastro.