Multi-Carrier Technology FAQs

BBA Mastro caters to all types of logistics and fulfillment requirements from delivery to homes, lockers and alternate delivery points, to timed and consolidated deliveries for all your wholesale and distribution needs.

This is no problem. BBA Mastro’s multi-carrier system is robust and accounts for all shipping scenarios including dangerous goods and many other exceptions.

Our technology is able to instantly retrieve and compare the potential carrier options for a particular voyage. The system then preselects the most suitable alternative for every stage of the package’s journey.

Yes. BBA Mastro’s multi-carrier system is a global platform designed and developed to be a totally comprehensive solution for a growing business. Our technology can handle supply chain, e-commerce, and business-to-business elements simultaneously, giving you an all-in-one solution for your shipping.

BBA Mastro’s multi-carrier logic can work across any market worldwide and is well suited for international shipping.

BBA Mastro works with you to facilitate all your carrier partners both domestically and internationally. We include your current services into our technology so you have one singular logistics portal to streamline your entire supply chain.

No, BBA Mastro does not resell any freight services. Our offering is purely a logistics automation platform. If you require this, please contact us so we can put you in touch with one of our appropriate resellers.

Our carrier mix-and-match capability and selection of useful additional features via our wide variety of patent protection make our system stand out from other comparable products. We also have an unbeatable dedication to customer experience. We are not satisfied until you and your customers are enjoying the seamless, stress-free shipping process your company deserves.

Fulfillment FAQs

Not at all. BBA Mastro’s system is an all-in-one platform, which means it can match all your logistics and fulfillment needs via the one simplified and easy-to-use system.

Absolutely. Our system can be tailored to suit your supply chain operations regardless of the geographic locations you operate in.

Definitely. With BBA Mastro, you can connect to as many stores as you need. You can even manage all this within one dashboard to fulfill your shipping needs easily and quickly.

Warehousing FAQs

Yes, BBA Mastro’s highly advanced network effect allows you to cater for highly complex, multi-geographic logistics needs including external drop shipper and 3PL partners.

BBA Mastro’s highly flexible solution allows your business to work with various other modules in the portal, including fleet and route management solutions.

Fleet Management FAQ’s

Yes, BBA Mastro’s truly global operating system for shipping and logistics allows for first mile, line-haul and final mile deliveries in the planning and route process in its highly innovative set of features.

As part of BBA Mastro’s highly versatile capabilities, our platform allows you to offer a combined service of your own fleet to selected freight and geographic profiles in additional to domestic and international carrier solutions.

Mobile Apps FAQs

Not a problem, BBA Mastro’s mobile-first approach can accommodate own hardware and personal phone scenarios.

BBA Mastro’s bleeding edge capabilities allow for a truly unified mobile and web application experience and are synced in real time for the most up-to-date information.

Domestic Shipping FAQs

BBA Mastro can be deployed across any domestic market worldwide. Please get in touch with us to find out for sure.

Definitely. Our platform supports international shipping as well as domestic. In fact, a number of the available features including taxes calculation and pre-postage currency exchange are designed specifically to make our web app the perfect solution for shipping abroad.

International Shipping FAQs

Absolutely, BBA Mastro is a truly global shipping and logistics platform allowing you to easily compare as many shipping suppliers as needed.

Wherever you are planning to ship to, we have you covered. Please get in touch to discuss your international shipping needs.

Of course. Our system is suited to domestic shipping as well as international.

Route Management FAQs

That is correct, BBA Mastro’s powerful solution is modulised, so you can only use and pay for what you need.

BBA Mastro’s cutting-edge solutions combine powerful fleet management allocation solutions, allowing you to take the guess work out of what to do.

A: That is correct, BBA Mastro’s solution can also generate optional thermal and plain paper labels as part of its all-in-one logistics and shipping management software.