Track your pallets and any other pooled equipment quickly and easily with BBA Mastro.

BBA Mastro’s comprehensive set of features helps you prevent pallet loss, saving you both significant amounts of time and money. Our pallet control system enables you to track, manage, and reconcile your hired pallets, owned pallets, skids, stillage, and other similar equipment in one, easy-to-use online system.


Whether you are a company with single site warehouse or multiple sites holding various pallet accounts, the BBA Mastro Pallet Management will keep track of all your equipment. Start tracking your pallets, bins, containers or any other equipment quickly and easily.

BBA Mastro’s Pallet Plus System prevents transfer errors, communicates with Chep and Loscam, and reduces the time needed to keep track of equipment and supplier accounts, enabling you to reduce hire days, minimise pallet losses, and lessen spend on pallet accounts.

Save Time and Money

Automated reconciliation

Exception reports to quickly identify issues

Interfaces with Warehouse and Transport systems

Powerful Yet Easy to Use

  • Integrate with major equipment suppliers
  • Integrate with major pallet companies
  • Map based assignments for drivers
  • Automated notifications to trading partners
  • Automated invoice reconciliation
  • Cost analysis by site, time, etc.
  • Exception reporting
  • Manage all major pallet types
  • User configurable logic with alert capability
  • Management Reporting
  • Ability to track individual pallets or shipping containers
  • Role-based security
  • Management approvals for corrections/rejections
  • Set maximum quantity for each customer/movement type to avoid incorrect data entry
  • Pallet stock-take
  • User configurable reason codes
  • Detailed reporting is user configurable with needing development of new reports
  • User configurable forms
  • Have multiple names (aliases) for trading partners or pallet types
  • Bar-codes to streamline scanning of dockets
  • Handles IOUs, Exchanges, no recharge etc.
  • Automated emails to trading partners to request missing information and handle rejections and corrections